As an empty nester, I’m now working on filling my nest again. I am being intentional about discovering new passions and relearning what makes me smile and laugh everyday. It’s an ongoing, fun journey! As always, by Faith.

I have been married to my amazing husband for thirteen years. I am privileged to be the mother of two adult children. I love honest, authentic people. I have a passion to live my life on purpose and to the fullest. I love to laugh until my stomach hurts and count my Blessings. I can’t imagine life without music. I’m competitive and love being spontaneous. I love to take long walks, practice yoga, play golf and do just about anything active. I love weekend get-a-ways, playing games with friends and fine dining. I love being a dental hygienist. I want to learn to be more comfortable entertaining, more accepting of others and more compassionate.  I like quality more than quantity and I don’t like clutter.  Most of all, I want to Glorify God by the way I live my life and love His people.

If you want to read my other blog you can find it here. I decided wordpress would work a little better for me.


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